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Brand Tagline:

Open Motto:

Together let us seek the heights


Domestic violence awareness, prevention, and education



Grecian lyre, reflecting our musical heritage

Scarlet & Olive Green


Red carnation

Coat of Arms:

Founders' Day - October 15th

Founders' Day is a celebration of our Fraternity’s birth. Traditionally, collegians and alumnae honor our Founders with acts of service, friendship and leadership, and by coming together to celebrate Alpha Chi Omega’s heritage.

Hera Day - March 1st

In honor of our patron goddess Hera, Alpha Chi Omegas dedicate themselves on this day to aid the happiness and well-being of others. Our remembrances include volunteering and fundraising for domestic violence shelters in local communities.

MacDowell Month - February

Named for the MacDowell artists’ colony in New Hampshire (Alpha Chi Omega’s first philanthropic project), this month also honors our Founders’ heritage as musicians. During MacDowell Month, our members are encouraged to become patrons of the arts, and attend exhibitions, concerts and other events.

Patron Goddess:

Hera, guardian of women

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